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Vienna Rib and Jazz Festival

Date of the Festival is September 13th at Spencer Park, Vienna, WV. (by the river)
No Charge...
The money that we make from the festival, after expenses will go towards the growth of Chocolate Jazz Foundation: Chocolate Jazz Fundraisers, School Assemblies, Transportation Call 304-295-4088 for more information. 

Platinum Sponsor

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help save music programs in our school system across the country by conducting fundraising opportunities in local area school districts, by the involvement of “Top of the Charts” artists, a fundraising experience unmatched by any other

Why Vienna Rib & Jazz Festival

Gene Donaway was determined to increase cultural diversity in the Mid-Ohio Valley area. He felt the area for too many years was traveling on a one-way street when it involved entertainment. He said, “Country music was king and there were few options for people who didn’t enjoy the Nashville sound and the city needs to be every way, not one way.” Thus in 1996 became the creation of “The Mid-Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival”.

We Believe

Music education plays a major role in our children’s development years.  We know music education increases our students reading and math skills, enhances coordination and provides a discipline that is crucial in our successes, beyond our development years as we pursue our careers

Media Exposure

A strategic marketing and advertising plan is in place to generate interest and awareness of the Chocolate Jazz Foundation. Included in this plan are radio, TV and newspaper interviews with special artist that will perform at the fundraiser. We expect to exceed our sponsorship agreements with all existing media sponsors and hope to add publications and radio stations outside the regional areas.

In addition to conventional advertising methods, Chocolate Jazz Foundation and local schools will promote the event by displaying several posters, banners, and flyer’s throughout the local area. Chocolate Jazz Foundation runs a website year round that generates several hits during the months prior to the event. All sponsors will be listed on the website

History of Chocolate Jazz Foundation

Since August 2008, Chocolate Jazz has conducted over 150 Fundraisers for public schools in West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri raising over $250,000 for the music departments in their areas.  The response has been overwhelmingly good and the school districts are eager to repeat the event on an annual basis

Target Audience

Our media and promotional campaign is aimed directly at the following demographic and psycho-graphic groups.
Students, parents and grandparents between 15 to 65 years of age.
Professional and business owners seeking networking opportunities
Individuals and families seeking inexpensive but upscale entertainment

How Does This Festival Benefit The Schools

This festival will help to expand Chocolate Jazz Foundation to continue to conduct fundraiser for our music departments across our state.  The arts are always the target when it comes to state budgets, which leaves them on their own to cover the difference.  Eventually the budget cuts, creates too much strain on those departments causing them to be cut from that school. This will also illustrate how passionate Chocolate Jazz Foundation’s mission is to save the music in our public schools